3 reviews

American House of Berlin

marker Berlin, Wisconsin


3 reviews
Rebecca Sina

This place is very bad lets the extreme handicap shop alone. This creates issues within the community.
Angela Gray

I worked here several years ago and this place was terrible. I seen first hand, that the care for the residents was horrible. They cared more about the caretakers cleaning, than taking care of the residents. I felt awful for the residents that had no choice, but to be placed in such an awful place. DO NOT PLACE YOUR LOVED ONE IN THIS PLACE.
Eric Kinnard

Do not let your relatives come to this facility if Kim Cerney is in charge. She blames others for her lack of doing the right thing and what's best for the residents. She should not be trusted to get things done and when asked why they were not done she has excuses or blames others. Because of her they still owe me money i have yet to receive, she has had enough time to get it to me but i'm sure she will tell you it's not her fault. If you care about your loved ones make sure she is no longer there before even thinking of putting a loved one at this place. If you would like details I would be happy to talk. This is how I feel and I just want others to know before selecting a place for your loved ones.