14 reviews

Always There Assisted Living & Memory Care Citrus Springs

marker Citrus Springs, Florida


14 reviews
Poppy Hazelton

Visited my nan and she told me how her she has befriended one of the residents Jackie. She said it does get cold in her room at night though and they need to turn on the heater more often. The meals look good and the staff are friendly.
Kylie Brockavich

Monica Tanner

Anthony Herrera

This Place Is Haunted! There is an entire episode on this place that shows how a possed woman died in one of the rooms and two other women died in the same room there after. The episode aired on a show called Haunted, which is based on true events. The room was boarded up until it was sold and reopened. Be careful and do your research. Ask Questions!
Samantha Tucker

This place is horrible.. its a joke I would never put anyone I love in this dump. The staff and owners anyone in charge are the most incompetent people Ive ever met. They lie they are thieves and should not even have a license to run this place. Very unprofessional very dirty they need to look into maybe getting pest control in there. The rooms are horrible this place should be shut down please if you love your family or anyone you know looking at this place go elsewhere!!