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A Holistic Adult Family Home

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11 reviews
Bob N.

My father, Bob, lived at the Holistic Adult Family Home for the last five years of his life.He was cared for by great people who gave him respect and love.My father came to the home after a stroke, hospitalization and a nursing home stay.Erin evaluated my father while he was in the nursing home and Bob moved in (legally blind and wheelchair or walker bound).Bobs mobility was declining, this condition was greatly improved/slowed through the persistence of the on-staff restorative aid who cajoled Bob into participating in exercises for the entire five years. Bob had several hospital stays and a short stint in a nursing home during his time at Holistic Adult Family Home. Erin helped us navigate through the admission and discharge process involved with these stays and was able to answer the many questions we had.Erin was also with us through the hospice process. The home itself is clean and bright with ample parking, a nice lawn with flower beds and vegetable patches.The home is well set up with 100% wheelchair accessibility and each resident has a typical suburban home type bedroom.Meals are well prepared and emphasize fresh fruits and vegetables (some home-grown).Thanks to the house manager, there are also always fresh home made baked treats.The on-staff activities coordinator has games and craft projects daily and also coordinates field trips for music and meals. Birthday and holiday celebrations and meals are amazing; the already great cooking and baking gets even more elaborate and the home has special decorations for every holiday. Holistic Adult Family Home gave my father outstanding care and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a loved one in need.
Paul Wilson

The Holistic Adult Family home was fantastic. Erin the owner has always gone above and beyond regular care. Erin really helps with Medical and Pharmacy questions. Erin does the ground work for so many things needed and is great when there is medical urgencies. The staff at the Holistic Adult Family home are very loving and caring. They will help you with anything possible. 5 Stars all the way. I might even stop in and say hi now and again. The Home is really nice and has a beautiful large deck in the back yard. We had so many questions for Erin sometimes day & night and she always was there to help. I don't think we could of handled a lot of things if it weren't for Erin and her staff. a BIG Thank you!!!!
Al Nilsen

Erin, who is the owner, her staff, and the level of care provided here are top notch. If you get an opportunity to have a loved one be a resident at A Holistic Adult Family Home, consider yourself fortunate and move quickly on it. It is unlikely you will find a better AFH place in the Snohomish county or King County area and at a very reasonable rate for all the services that they provide.My father joined Holistic Adult Family Home in October 2018 after suffering a stroke and then being diagnosed with blood cancer. He was there for about 1 year until his passing. Erin, the owner, took the time to explain in detail all of the ins and outs of long-term care in an AFH environment, and how they train their staff and the safety procedures on all of the care they provide. In addition, Erin is extremely knowledgeable about hospital and doctors orders on meds administration, coordinating with the pharmacy to ensure proper meds and dosages are received, and often communicating with her staff and residents' families knowing what to look for and how to recognize side effects from a number of drugs. There is a physical therapist on the AFH staff who worked frequently with my dad to improve his mobility with his stroke-impacted right arm and leg. He had some significant mobility improvement from the staff PT's diligence working with him and was eventually able to use a walker at times instead of being confined entirely to a wheelchair. This was in addition to occasional external PT specialists funded by his med insurance who worked with him on a more limited basis.The meals served are good and very healthy and balanced keeping in mind special dietary needs of individual residents. In-house activities and social outings are made available to residents, as well as recognition of birthdays and holiday celebrations -- often which family members can, and are encouraged, to participate in. I also appreciated Erin's prompt communication on any concern or suggestion I had, or which she proactively brought to my attention and recommended ways to problem solve. Above all, Erin is a tireless advocate for the elderly residents in the home who are at a very vulnerable stage of their life. This is so much more than just a business for her. She has a passion and a calling for this work and performs it very well. I can't think of a higher compliment.

We were so blessed to have had Erin recommended to us when our aunt had fractured her femur. Erin and I were always on the same page as to how seniors should be taken care. There are NOT enough places who give the quality of care that Erin and her staff give. If a problem arose she was very quick to get things resolved which rarely happen. If she has openings I highly recommend families to contact her, you will be very please that you did. When our aunt became delusional toward the end they were always very patient with her, she was having TIA's. Thank you Erin & Staff!!!
Renee Carroll

My wonderful mom, Dee Moore, was the most active 94 year old there ever was. But a devastating stroke took that all away. It was so terribly difficult having to find a place where she would get the 24 hour care she needed. Holistic AFH was mentioned to me and after my initial visit I knew this would be the right decision for mom and me. Erin Moody, the owner, was knowledgeable and up to date on all medical and social aspects of mom's care. The staff was wonderful, that also included an activity director and rehab specialist. Frequently a hairdresser would come and fix everyone's hair in the styles they wore in their younger years!!! For 5 years this was mom's home and family, and I miss all of them so much. If I had to do over again, there would be no doubt that mama would once again be part of this wonderful family.