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Aegis Living Bellevue

marker Bellevue, Washington


10 reviews
Viveka Peaslee

Rafa G

Edit after owner's response:The response by the owner is a big lie. I contacted the number for few times. Every time a lady (which is obviously not Howard Jacob) responded and mentioned that Howard Jacob is not available. I will ask my friends and fellow neighbors to share their bad experience with this facility here as well. If you want your parents to sleep well and not wake up because of the noise of truck delivery at 5 AM every day, DO NOT TAKE THEM HERE!---------------------------The manager of this facility does not care and respect their neighbors. We talked to them about their noise from truck deliveries at 5 AM in the morning but they did not take any action. Also, you can smell the smoke when their employees smoke right beside other buildings.When they treat their neighbors like this and don't care about them and their lives, they wouldn't care much about their costumers as well.
Steve Cox

My mother has severe memory issues and confusion. The management and staff at Aegis have contributed greatly to her happiness, social engagement and well-being. I believe Aegis Bellevue is the best place on the Eastside for folks like my mother. She truly loves it there.
oh Susannah

We love this place for my Dad. The staff really care about the residents and they work with family positively! After he came from having in home care, he has improved in many ways. Food is also great!
Camille Hall-Ridenour

The facility is very nice, and most of the staff are awesome. I dislike that the kitchen is typically understaffed for meal times. There is one lady on staff, Julie, who seems to be nasty in every interaction. She threatens to charge extra for standard accomadations (like requesting a family sit together for a meal). She actively tried to prevent my Grandma from having her cat visit, and did nothing about under cooked ground beef coming out of the kitchen. It seems she would rather have an easy job than help the people of Aegis, and I'm surprised a facility like this allows that kind of behavior.