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11 Oaks

marker Abilene, Texas


2 reviews
James Null

I recently visited 11 Oaks looking for a place to live. It was after lunch, or so I thought, and the 'Day Manager' was said to be gone per one of the residents. He further advised that the 'Night Manager' was there and would answer any questions I might have.However, when the resident knocked on the manager's office door, he was met with a very abrupt response informing that he was the 'Night' manager and had no responsibilities during the day. Taking it in stride, the resident proceeded to answer my questions as best he could. .The night manager then suddenly appeared and proceeded to berate the resident for his assistance. The resident tried explaining the situation, but the night manager harshly suggested the man quit talking. He then said, in regards to me, 'He can come back!' No address, recognition, courtesy, much less professionalism whatsoever. To be honest, I have never experienced the amount of pure rudeness and lack of professionalism as this man so freely and naturally exhibited. If this is Any example of how residents at this facility are commonly treated, then I would stay as far away from 11 Oaks as possible. Perhaps it would be preferable to living on the streets, but even that's arguable.
stephanie james

Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely recommend