13 reviews

Alzheimer's Association

marker Portland, Oregon


13 reviews
Jimmie Allen

Elisabeth Milner

Had a great time with amazing people that all have the same feelings and drive towards a very meaningful cause.
Dianne Heath


Excellent place to get the latest information about the Alzheimer's disease. Art classes for people at different stages of the disease are held here, while the caregivers get a little respite. Full disclosure - I volunteer with the Association.
Serena Iotte

Best charitable organization ever! I have been a proud volunteer for about 8 years and I just love to help them work toward a world without Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. They keep overhead costs down by relying heavily on volunteer support and fundraising that is actually used to support caregivers and research and development of treatment and ultimately a cure. They have programs to support caregivers and to engage folks with the disease. When I helped with their 'Sing Here Now' (powerful title) choir, one of the participant's wives told me he is able to engage in tasks like dressing and setting the table when he goes. She notices a decline in these tasks when the program takes brief breaks. I could go on and on- they have art programs too!- but most people stopped reading this far anyway. This is an amazing organization and I encourage caregivers (that means unpaid spouses and children and friends too) to reach out to them and people looking for a great cause to support, to see what kind of [FUN!] volunteer opportunities they have. It's a great way to fill your heart.