50 reviews

Altenheim Senior Living

marker Strongsville, Ohio


50 reviews
Richard Zabrocki

So far everyone has been really nice, and the nurses know exactly what to do. The aides come by often and give your everything you need.Im here for rehab for my foot, and would of course, rather be at home. But I am very pleased with how nice everything has been.
John Myers

I had many preconceived notions about what rehab facilities are like and the services they actually offer. 3 years ago, I had my first exposure to one which confirmed all the nightmarish things I have heard about these places. Last year, however, major back surgery was required for me, and I was forced to enter rehab again. A friend had mentioned Altenheim and we took the obligatory tour. The tour shows all of the sparkling highlights and left us feeling like there was nothing negative we could say about Altenheim at all. When I left the hospital, everything we saw on the tour, became a reality. The staff is plentiful 24/7. They are conscientious, polite, extremely knowledgeable, and great with bedside care. My primary purpose for being there was physical therapy and I cant imagine any facility would offer better care in that regard than Altenheim. They provided me with all the tools and self confidence that I needed so that when I returned home, I was ready to go.
Melanie Lloyd

My family member resides in memory assisted living, he's received the best and most professional care! They've even gotten him to participate in activities
MaryJo McCarthy

Well..my Mom has been there one day and so far we are not too pleased. I was there for about 3 hours with her today and she was still in her pajamas at 11:00am. When I pressed the button for help it was about 45 minute before anyone came.. and it's only because I flagged someone down that was in the hall. The aide that came to help her change was wonderful.. but that's where it ended. She's there for therapy after COPD flair. It only gets worse from here. I can't even imagine treating another human being the way she has been treated. (Will not go into details but she's not being treated with very much dignity) We are investigating other facilities as we speak. So disappointed the way our Mother is being treated. They should be ashamed of themselves. EDIT: After talking with the head nurse some of these issues have been resolved. The staff has been pretty good... but like most places like Altenheim they are short staffed. Not my problem... Perhaps if these places paid a little more... the employees would stick around a little longer.... But these places are pretty much all alike... So sad the way we treat our seniors...
Cynthia McVey

Case of Legionaires disease. Patients were. Not informed until several days after the incident occurred . They were just told that they were not allowed to use the water because it was being tested.