32 reviews

Abbey Park at Mill River

marker New Hudson, Michigan


32 reviews
Sandra Snyder

Overall the place is beautiful and very clean... Most of the staff are friendly but there are a select few that are not friendly at all.. I was a housekeeper and LOVED IT AND MY RESIDENTS... but the head supervisor over housekeeping is very unprofessional and not friendly at all. I heard from a previous employee that I worked beside that the head housekeeper was talking bad about me to other employees... this said ex employee hung out with said head housekeeper at break time.. I dreaded coming to work because it wasn't a very friendly atmosphere in that department with management and when I went to the director of the building she was just as mean and rude... she didn't wanna hear anything I had to say to.. she automatically sided with the head housekeeper.. granted these woman have worked there for years but with poor attitude toward employees and all the extra work everyday is why there is a high turn over rate.. the residents are NOT happy with having new housekeepers every week...
David McDowell

Lise Blades

Sandra Subotich

Amazing people, clean facility, we would never put my father in just any facility.
Bailey Pierce

Abbey Park has excellent and dedicated staff that really care about the residents. They are very respectful too. I would recommend this place to anybody.