3 reviews

Allen Oaks Nursing & Rehab Center

marker Oakdale, Louisiana


3 reviews
Lindsy Rea

Recently have been in an out visiting with my grandma an her room is alright the cable needs to be fixed due to it being old an outdated easy fix overall were satisfied the sisters that work together Ayse an her little sister along with Heather Amy an Jessica are the easiest to help out an friendliest kind hearted girls we have met an adore in Allen Oaks keep up yalls great work girls...
Lindsay Hargrove

Christopher Keller

Nasty place, non-caring nurses. We found my wife's grandmother laying in her room, with the ac on 68 and her in her night clothes, laying in her bed (which is right beside the ac unit) and she had not a single blanket, sheet, absolutely nothing!! She was wrapped in her thin jacket in the fetal position. She was shivering like crazy and it took asking 3 different nurses to get a blanket. Like really people??? Have some respect for your elders!!