24 reviews

Allisonville Meadows

marker Fishers, Indiana


24 reviews
Marcy Woods

My Mother is in this horrible nursing nursing home the staff turn her ringerbnb off on her phone. They place her call button where she can't get to it if she needs help. They walk in ask her if she needs anything. Before she can answer. They walk back out. They pulverize her food bring ut to her. She has no idea what she is eating when she asks they wint answer her. They tell her if she talks to me on the phone they'll put her out into a hospital then she'll have no where to go. She always smells like urine. If she says anything about it they ignore her.thevlust goes on. PLEASE DO BOT PUT YOUR LOVED ONE HERE IN THIS HORRIBLE PLACE. .
Carolyn Gentner

My mother lives here. I have such mixed feelings about it. I would sure like to know how maintaining the O2 being full on a floor unit, or portable I2, is not seen as a 'life sustaining treatment' and that the tanks actually have to 'have O2 IN them' . I think it's a rare occasion, that when we go see Mom, that she has any O2 in her tank at all, and is usually asleep. Well, that IS what happens when people that require oxygen, aren't getting it. They are OUT IF IT! KBOCKED OUT TIRED AND LISTLESS! COME ON ALISONVILLE MEADOWS!!! KEEP THISE O2 TANKS FULL!!!! PLEASECarolyn G
Angela Lovins

They suck. I'm getting ready to change my mother's ostomy bag. They should have showered her and changed it Saturday. They gave her a shower Sunday. But did not change her bag. Showers and bag changes go hand in hand. I'm beyond beside myself!. Shoddy care at best.
Barbara Calhoun

They are terrible. Do NOT under any circumstances use the organization.BC
Annie Ann

My sister was in this facility. All I have to say is please don't take your love ones.