43 reviews

Accel at Golden Ridge

marker Golden, Colorado


43 reviews
Susan Hunt

My mom spent 20 days here its a beautiful facility daytime staff good nighttime staff non existent. My mom had a bad fall and wasnt mobile I had countless phone calls in the middle of the night where she had pushed a button to get help with no answer at all. I would call the facility no one would answer the phone. one morning at 6 AM I went there because she had her light on for hours there were two cars in the parking lot almost no staff members For 300 patients. They gave medication late kept getting the medication confused. Several months later my mom was in a position she needed help again they refused to admit her saying she was difficult the only thing difficult about my mom was Accelr ehab facility where they ignored her and gave her poor care. I wish the news organization would go in at night time and do a story on the facility.
Patricia Ove

My husband just returned from 4 days respite care at Accel. He reports that the staff took good care of him and were loving and caring and that the food was good as well. Overall, a good experience for him!
R Brian

I would like to say that I have had excellent care here. I appreciate all the therapy I have had here. The meals are excellent. I have not attended many social activities, but those that I did were excellent.
james thatcher

I like the people here! They're all so friendly and great. Everybody was really nice.I really like the therapists; they would do therapy in a way that made sense to me and not just 'well do this!'. They told me why I was doing something. I really liked Marcey and Will, but everyone was great. The food is good for an institution. It's better than passable, but it's not a 5-star restaurant (but I wouldn't expect it to be). Sometimes the menu tickets got messed up but they always corrected the concern immediately.With the nursing staff, there's always some that you don't see as often but the majority are amazing. Naomi is so good!! Everyone was so kind and concerned, I could tell they were generally concerned about my well being. I liked Accel and would recommend them to future patients.
Leslie Ann Trichka Beery

My mom stayed here after her hip surgery in 2017 and recently my step-dad was at Accel after his hip surgery. Additionally, my husband's mother has been here twice in that span of time as well. We love Accel and when my Mom stayed in 2017 they were just opening and had a skeleton crew but still made things work perfectly. One thing I was mostly impressed with when my Mom stayed is how they took into consideration that she has Alzheimers on top of the surgery and anesthesia in her system. They worked extra hard with her to make sure she was doing ok. When my step-dad stayed he had previously had a horrible experience with a rehab in Arvada and every issue we had at that facility was a NON issue with Accel. Refreshing. Love how the staff cares and goes the extra mile for the patient and family. Thank you for caring for our most important assets, our parents! I tell people about Accel every chance I get and let New West Physicians know how much we appreciate you. Thank you again, Leslie Beery