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American Grand Assisted Living Suites

marker Neenah, Wisconsin


12 reviews
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Kyle Weiland

I would give zero stars if i could. At first the facility was very good. Over a short period of time we have had many issues with multiple problems from this place. It is my understanding an assisted living facility is in the best interest of its residence, but this facility and the lack of, and poorly trained staff are becoming very disconcerning to me. My main issue is when my mother was attacked by a dementia patient in the dining area around 3+ staff members. Nothing has or is in the process to solve the problem and the staff had no idea how to handle the issue. This was the first of the assaults and harrassment. It has gotton so bad from lack of qualified employees that my mother is terrified to leave her room, even for meals due to dementia patients being left unchecked and follow my mother around harrassing her and attempting to assault her. All without any staff member to assist. My mother has had a traumatic brain injury and if she gets hit in the head it could cause her to become disfunctional. This is simply unacceptable by any standards. If this problem is not investigated and settled to a degree that my mother and i are acceptable with, i will pursue further legal action. Not only against the facility itself but the negligence staff on site for neglect to a person of disability. I do know this facility is already under investigation but i demand more action to be taken. I am not scared of the courts and i will spare no dollar amount to ensue this problem is corrected and happens no where else ever.
Brenda Stauske

So far so good
anonymous user

Good family friend stays here, She loves it. When I visit everybody who works there has a smile on their face and seems to enjoy what they are doing. The people who stay here also seem very happy and pleased with the way the runs things here. 100% would recommend American Grand for your loved one!
Judy Harris