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Affinity Living Communities

marker Spokane, Washington


6 reviews
Kimberly K

I rented an apartment in tricities at affinity. I was a good tenant, paid my rent on time and gave proper notice, with forwarding mailing address given. Plus, they have my phone number. With covid restrictions, post move out inspections are different in that you don't walk thru with aanyone-- i assumed I would receive a letter FROM AFFINITY OR INLAND GROUP, THAT OWNS AFFINITY, informing me of what I owed, especially, since I stayed a few days into the next month. I knew I would need to pay about 400.00 or less. Instead, I received 3 demands for payment from a collection agency. NOTHING from Inland Group. Nothing until a phone call from Affinity AFTER the first 2 letters. How impersonal. How utterly assumptive on your part to have a credit collector begin demands for payment literally within days of moving out.I am disappointed in the way you treat senior citizens. We are your client base. We pay our bills. I overlooked many things--- the cheap, no name appliances even though you tout your affinity communities as ' luxury', the cheap carpet that looks bad no matter how many times you vacuum or deep clean. It's cheap.All of the hidden cost 'add on expenses'....25.00 rent per dog, per month, 40.00 per month for carports.... the initial 400.00 deposit, the application fees, the 300.00 per dog non refundable dog deposit. I even overlooked the fact that you didn't clear snow and ice from sidewalks and the parking lots the first winter I lived in kennewick, which had the biggest snowfall since 1926-- even though the sidewalks were treacherous-- especially by doors that had dryer vents near them, -- even though I myself experienced and witnessed many SENIOR AGED PEOPLE THAT ARE HIGH RISK FOR FALLING struggle daily on dangerous sidewalks and parking lots-- with your response to anyone that voiced concern: this is an INDEPENDENT COMMUNITY. Yes, it sure is, but where is your caring for tenant safety? Thank God this past winter you put ice melt down on sidewalks and it snowed much much less. I will say, I mailed my check to affinity at southridge-- not because your company thinks its ok to immediately bombard people with collection letters-----instead of a positive business model that actually sends a letter with invoice from company--- but because I'm a responsible human being, SENIOR CITIZEN. I pay my bills.In closing, I will say that I moved from affinity because I knew I could spend the 1837.00 monthly affinity rate for a 2 bedroom/2 small dog rate/ carport-- in a way that would give me far more than what affinity offered. Lastly-- the people that work at the bldg are nice, decent people-- whomever at Inland Group that made the decision to have debt collection immediately enacted if an amount is due after move out versus Inland Group /Affinity sending out a letter with invoice -- needs to take business and marketing 101. Sure, you sometimes have to use a collection agency, however, you should never shoot yourself in the foot by totally disregarding your customer base.I'm speaking up because you don't treat your customer base the way this company does. I will not lease at any affinity again, nor will I recommend it to anyone.
Micheal Davis

Very nice place a little try teaching lives there but you have a lot of amenities a theater indoor swimming pool and lots of community Gatherings within the people that lives there and their families and yours
Brent Riddle

The community relations director was super sweet and very good at leasing. What a wonderful 55 and over community.
Susan Marich

The place looks wonderful but there are many pitfalls. Pressure to sign leases, large cost of living increases, poor diet or breakfast choices, and when you leave the expectation of getting your security deposit is almost zero. Make sure you have a person to speak as an advocate so they don't take advantage of the senior in your life!
Karen Paukstis

I didn't just visit Affinity on the S. Hill, I live there. Don't know why Google can't figure that out. At any rate, nice place to live with very friendly & social residents. These days, w/most apts. charging for nearly EVERYTHING i.e. water, sewer, trash, etc. the 'all inclusive' deal is a nice one. Just be aware that the cable TV is basic only, & after having Xfinity techs out no less than 6 in 6mos when I suggested they ought to give me a free subscription to HBO, SHO, or the like, I was told that wasn't possible 'cause (due to the way the place is wired) if they gave it to me, they'd have to give it to everyone! Find that hard to believe, but par for the course, given my experience w/Xfinity! Also, the internet only works INSIDE the buildings. Other than those 2 issues my experience w/living here has been a good 1. Staff are friendly & helpful, maintenance issues dealt with promptly, right down to changing the light bulbs in fixtures on the vaulted ceilings. Pets are welcome here, though breed restrictions are enforced (boo, hiss)! I've not been here long enough to have to negotiate lease renewal cost increases, so I can't speak to that issue. However, all in all, a very nice place to reside!