5 reviews

Aegis Living Queen Anne Galer

marker Seattle, Washington


5 reviews
Sean Bryan

My Pops, Ronnie Bryan is VERY happy with the place and with his Parkinsons thats saying plenty. Its obvious, they are doing an excellent job with his needs. Duncan seems to run a tight ship and that needs to be the program to make this type of business work. My family visits often and because we are all in sales, we would sniff out any Fake BS with lightning speed. Not the case, they are very attentive and display a sincere concern for my Pops well being. I recommend this place. The food is fine by the way. If you are expecting a 5 star dining experience, then hit Rays Boat house. My Breakfast was delicious. Keep up the Good Work!
Terry Boyd

The main assets are the people that work there. All of them are patient and kind and upbeat, no matter what. And the place is very clean and they offer activities and services that are great. It's also very expensive, so you kind of expect this. What you don't expect is the low level of food. Not inedible, but not tasty. And they need more servers and cooks. A longish wait when there are only six or seven tables of people is not unusual. But the good things out weigh the bad by a long shot. If only the food was better, this would be a perfect spot.
Beth Williams

My grandmother has been at Aegis on Galer for about a year. The staff is caring, patient and always happy to help the residents. The facility is beautiful, homey and comfortable.
Jonathan Bricker

This is an excellent facility. Stable and highly skilled leadership team, including the general manager as well as nursing, care, kitchen, and facilities directors. A very attentive staff. Lower level staff turnover is expected for this line of work so its no ding against them. Small enough to feel intimate but large enough to create a good resident community. Care is tailored to each resident. Easy walking in beautiful Queen Anne is a plus. The main weakness is the food: less red meat and more fresh fish, veggies, and fruit are needed. Stick to the basics and let the fresh ingredients speak for themselves. So my rating is really a 4.5 and Im rounding up.The cost is high and worth it.
Andrea Richey