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Affinity at Olympia

marker Olympia, Washington


11 reviews
Cheryl Paradise

I reviewed this property about a year ago with very favorable comments. However over the past 8 to 9 months, the quality of living at Affinity at Olympia has severely declined. For instance, we have been waiting for 3 months for HVAC repairs to some of our common areas. Carpet cleaning of common areas on a more frequent basis is severely needed. Because of the high number of dogs living here, hence doggie accidents, the carpets need to be cleaned extremely often. This is not taken into consideration. Parking is difficult. Many residents are using their garages for storage only (a lease violation); and there are reserved spots where former residents parked, thereby reducing available parking. Communication has deteriorated. Security is not a priority. Rules/policies as specified in our leases are not being enforced. I could go on, but this should make my point. We have had two turnovers of office managers in the last nine months and have operated with less than a full staff for about a year. Both members of our maintenance staff have also left their positions. The fault does NOT lie with our current office or maintenance staff. In my opinion, they are giving their best efforts. There appears to be lack of training for them. It also appears that they have no real autonomy/authority and not enough experience with the Policies set forth by Affinity and its management company, FPI Management. Therein lies the major problem. After failing to be heard by FPI Management on a local level, there have been several attempts by individuals as well as groups of residents to communicate our concerns in writing to the building owners. There has been no response to said letters. It is widely felt that a lack of care has been displayed and trust has been permanently broken with FPI Management.. In the final analysis, the concept of Affinity at Olympia is great; but the execution has deteriorated into unacceptable.
susan m

Ive lived at Affinity, with 170 apartments, in Olympia for nearly 5 years. While the companys concept of many amenities and everything included in a market value rent are sound, the way the owners choose their management staff and company its hired, FPI management are terrible. Thats being subtle. FPI management doesnt train their staff, and saving labor dollars is their only goal. This results in very high turnover and the scripted phrases ...its a process, and ..its out of my hands. This conveys an uncaring attitude. By now, total trust is lost with FPI management because of the Portfolio Manager. We had a Community Director for many years who was forced out by the Portfolio Manager. Ive lost count on how many turnovers there have been. In the past 6 months, another CD, and both Maintenance people have also resigned. No one want to work for the Portfolio Manager, any longer. Her style is one of micro-management with a Dr. Jeckl-Miss Hyde personality. There hasnt been a full staff ( CD, asst.CD, leasing agent) for close to a year. Often there is only 1 person in the office.The building is deteriorating quickly at 6 yrs.old. The siding needs to be replaced, overall. The pool needs painting, again. It was painted amateurishly last month. The HVAC doesnt work on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floors ( only on the main floor) and public places, and hasnt for over 3 months. Why? Nothing takes this long to fix or change. We are told that the whole system needs replacing and, its a process.Meanwhile we pay a healthy market value rent that goes up a minimum of 3% a year. The TV, provided by Bulk TV is the lowest quality and goes into pixel death with 1/2 the channels often unavailable. Again, were told- its a process, and upper management is working on it. Really? The 6 yr. old carpet in the halls is spotted with dog urine, and stains. The budget used to have enough money to keep it cleaned. Im concerned about the flea population getting out of control.I give Affinity at Olympia a Falling Grade, an F, due to the way it is now managed. FPI management has flunked and is causing this facility to become run like low rent housing.
Sharon Coates

A year ago I would have given 5 stars. But the last year the management company has been sadly lacking in the upkeep. More staff is needed and more training. How hard can it be for the cleaning crew to sweep the dressing rooms in the pool area. And to keep the algae under control. Most of the problems are a matter of under staffing. The staff now will burn out unless they get more help. The upper management is the problem here. You can't do everything on the cheap and have a bunch of happy camper residents. I reallly like the girls in the office Susan and Dodie couldn't be more helpful. But the portfolio manager won't release them toDo their jobs which I think they are perfectly capable of. In the meantime things just keep getting worse.
Lu Guy

I have lived here for 2+ years. In the beginning it was great. Full Well Trained office staff, well trained maintenance staff. The great manager was let go and ever since this place has so many issues with poorly or no trained staff. FPI corporate who does the hiring and lack of training competent people need to change and fast.
James C Conklin Sr.

Happy to have a roof over my head. Rock on