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All Ways Caring HomeCare - Kelso, Washington

marker Longview, Washington


6 reviews
Lily Blackrock

Total chaos, lack of communication and horrible non experience or trained home aids. Horrible staff they are non caring and lack any common sense. I do not recommend it is nothing but a huge hassle. They want clients to accommodate them fully and their excuses. Bad place.
Camilla Padron

Awful place, they will never call a client back or answer the phone. Even when you watch the caregiver talk to the head person on the phone and then you immediately call and they will not answer or return the call. They left my mother without a caregiver for 3 months even though there was repeated calls, even someone promising someone would be there and yet no caregiver would show. Today was the final straw, they do not deserve to be in business. We've filed with the state.
Odette Moronez

The Male receptionist is rude, unprofessional and when u wish to address concerns referring 2him, he gives u the run around, accuses u of whatever and so how do u address concerns regarding the receptionist if u cannot get passed him?
Scott Most

If I could give negative stars I would. Let me be clear, I had no problem with the caregivers that came to my home. All of those young ladies were sweethearts. What I have an issue with was that Rescare left my wife unattended. I tried for two days to get a hold of them to confirm my schedule. I got no answer from their office phone number all day. I even called their supervisor on call never fail to answer number and got no response. It wasn't until two hours after I had to leave work to be with my wife and the threat of firing them did I get an answer. The person I talked to could give me no good reason why they dropped the ball or couldn't manage to answer their phones. She became upset at the anger in my voice and told me our phone call was over because I yelled. I informed her that she was right, our conversation WAS over. And I fired them. If you can help it, do NOT use this company.
Renae Donini

Wonderful place to work for, they are caring, understanding, and treat you rite.