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Abilene State Spprtd Living Center: Heath Mary P

marker Abilene, Texas


17 reviews
Daniel Phillips

Great place. Nice people.
Isabella Gulczynski

When I worked get I loved all of the individuals who lived here... I had great friends here who were my coworkers. But the staff here are horrible. They have so many different rules that you have to follow. Some of them are just ridiculous and almost impossible to do. Someone retaliated against me which they said retaliation against anything is not okay but when I told the managers about it. They did nothing... Jeff Gouza did nothing. They made all these complaints about me that weren't even true. They decided to believe the person that kept turning me in because they didnt like me... Rather than look at the physical evidence. Ive never seen a more dysfunctional job with managers who don't communicate well with one another. Not to mention they dont appreciate what you do if you do something right. They just always tell you what youre doing wrong. Every single day. This was not a fair termination. I did my job and I did it to the best of my ability.
Chris Wade

Kristina Calderon

Robin Lane