12 reviews

Amara Place Senior Living

marker Columbia, South Carolina


12 reviews
kaylee martin

Felicity Duran

Yolanda Wiggins

Glenda Bean

The staff and residents seem very happy and are always eager to help in any way! Truly a great atmosphere walking in! Beautiful building and wonderful smells coming from the kitchen when we walked in!
Marjorie Blaine

My sister and her husband lived here for about six months. Although we were wary of promises made by the sales director, there were still serious issues. We were told the van was available daily by appointment for doctors appointments but it turned out it could only be used Tues or Thurs. We were also told basic cable was free but it wasnt, and that a maintenance man was available to do a specific $ amount free upon move-in (for hanging pictures, etc) but the maintenance man was fired so no assistance was provided. We did eat a meal there and it was fine but the meals got worse and worse with cheaper ingredients used and it became inedible. The turnover in management was terrible. And the icing on the cake occurred when my brother-in-law was in the hospital for a month so neither he nor my sister made it to the main building for meals or activities and NOT ONE person in management checked on them. They could have been dead in their apartment for all Amara management cared. Avoid this place! It looks nice on the outside but it is substandard.