11 reviews

Amber Springs At Laurel Wood

marker Johnstown, Pennsylvania


11 reviews
Wayne Edwards

The staff is friendly and very helpful. I like the view and watching the wildlife. I enjoy going to the activities with my friends. Mary is one of the best nurses I've ever had.
John Mizak

I feel very well taken care of. Staff is never too busy for me. It feels like family here with me.I have a great time exercising with friends.The activities are really fun & Adrienne is a great friend to me.
Charlotte Aloi

I love playing bingo and going to the fun activities at Amber Springs. The food is really good especially the breakfast. Great nurses!
Joann Buchanon

The care is excellent. I feel like I'm being treated as a human being and not a prop for a paycheck. All of my needs are being met in an exceptional way.
Toni Shaffer

I recommend this place. Everybody is very helpful.