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Ada Care Center

marker Ada, Oklahoma


5 reviews
Joy Butler

seems anyone else in Ada Oklahoma can mail a w2 form, and 3 days later it will arrive in Elkland Mo . NOT Ada care center. NO! have request.w2 form from them since January 1st and have still yet not recieved. gotta wonder what the syaff does
Tammy Vasquez

My experience with Ada Care Center was beyond amazing. Recently my mom fell and broke her hip. She was unable to take care of herself at home and the decision of placing a loved one in a nursing home is frightful. Luckily for me I contacted this facility to get more information and the administrator made this process so easy. She offered to meet us there over the weekend, since I live out of town, to give us a tour and answer any questions we may have. I admitted mom the following week for skilled nursing. She was able to receive the personalized care and physical therapy she needed. KUDOS to the team at ADA CARE CENTER for providing top of the line quality care!
Ambrie Johnson

The medical staff took as needed way to serious on the prescription from the Hospital after my dads surgery and almost killed him. They would not stop giving him laxatives and he almost died. Also it was a big ordeal to get them to stop giving him these and give him something to ease his nausea. There were some nice nurses and staff one star. The multiple bad things out weighed and there is not enough writing space to put it all. THE VA should not work or contract with them. Don't put anyone in here that you love.
Jennifer Otto

Susie Sutterfield