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Adult Care By Sandy

marker Lorain, Ohio


5 reviews
Willie Holowecky

I have nothing but great things to say about Sandy and the wonderful care she provides. I transferred my mother here after horrible experiences at two local nursing homes. One Nursing Home wanted to charge my Mom $250 a day after her insurance ran out. The other Nursing home double billed her for medicine, missed sending her for scheduled Dr. Appts and called the ambulance to transport her for other Dr. Appts instead of using the insurance approved transport company which is 100% covered. Instead we were billed for these. This has not happened at Sandys. She is very caring and really takes great care of my Mom. She treats her and the other ladies there as part of her family. They eat together watch tv together and even pray together. Since transferring there I've ordered all her medicine mail order and the same meds that the nursing home and their mail order pharmacy were double billing me for and costing hundreds of dollars now coat $20 to $40 co pays and some of her diabetes drugs are free. Thank you Sandy for the great care you give my Mom and keep up the good work especially the pierogies and chicken paprikash. My Mom has gained weight since she has been eating Sandys food and is getting stronger and walking. This was not happening at either nursing home. Keep up the good work Sandy. You know how to keep my Polish Mom happy.
Judy Offutt

Clean ,friendly , resident are well taken care of.
Andrew Kowalski

Gwen Koski

Love this woman!! She is the most caring and kind person you will ever meet. Every resident is treated as family and spoiled. I have had the pleasure of meeting several of her residents over the years and they all had smiles on their faces every visit. She talks and laughs with them, prays with them, and cries with them. It takes a special person to care for someone in the end-of-life chapter. Some are there for years, others only a short time, but each one knows that she loves them and that they matter, right up to their last breath.
James Trif

First off everyone needs to know THIS IS NOT AN ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY!!! This place is licensed ONLY for Supportive living, and the difference being this facility is NOT regularly inspected. It is only inspected when they apply for the 2 yr license and it is announced!! Also the state does not survey residents about care. The first visit I had with my mother at Sandy's I cried and one of the staff laughed at me saying, 'why are you crying.' My mom said 'I am the sensitive one, very caring and empathetic.' It wasn't until the second visit that I became very concerned, I was asking a staff member about Sandy's past, and I was searching the night before on the internet trying to feel more comfortable with my mothers life in her hands. Well I turned around and Sandy is behind me with a snarled face saying, 'I don't like you digging into my past, you don't need to see the state papers, I'm a member of St. Peters and I know your father, your just trying to move her out of here and I don't like it.' And then the most troubling of things to say to anyone she snapped at me and said, 'You better go sit with your mom, she's gonna go fast.' Neither Sandy, nor the one staff member (ya, only 2 staff but she claims there's 3) have any compassion or care. I went there 6 or 7 times over the coarse of 3 months and was told at the door, 'shes sleeping' all the times were different. There was a medication for my mom who had Alzheimer's that when she would start seeing things or get out of control (which she didn't do, if she was comfortable and in a calm environment) would sedate her and she would sleep for a day. My father visited my mom every other day and he said 3/4th of those times she didn't even know he was there and she didn't speak. Her progression with Alzheimer's was slow and it had only been 2 1/2 to 3 yrs, I just don't see how in 3 months she could go from knowing my name and being coherent to dead. The fact that she was always sleeping scares me to think they kept her doped up! Also in 4 months time my mother lost roughly 40 lbs, their was nothing but skin and bones in her casket! My mother was not sick or ill she was quite healthy, she should not be dead! The fact that Sandy lies and advertises as an Assisted Living Facility, has anything she told my family about her death discredited. And she charges ALF prices, my dad paid out of pocket $3500 a month!!!!! There was obvious neglect here, which troubles me to no end to think about. If you love the person who needs care, DO NOT SEND THEM HERE!!! Also this place is called 'Adult Care by Sandy II' , she had another house but it was shut down reasons unknown at this time, but I will find out!