5 reviews

Accordius Health at Statesville

marker Statesville, North Carolina


5 reviews
Darlene Murray

I just started this job not even a week and I was not treated fair by certain management. They employees are very cruel and mean towards the new employees. The nurse manager tried to say I was getting too upset and don't start fighting when I was trying to work the assignment given to me. I spoke to the DON and she seem to be nice when we was talking about the situation but the nurse supervisor on duty texted her and told her some lie about me. So she didn't care if I quit or not. I quit the job and left the building. If I knew management was very bad and treated good CNAs that way I would have went somewhere else to work. I'm very good person with a goodheart and good worker So when a company like this treats you unfair and unjust something is very wrong. I'm going to pray very hard on them and God will grant me justice. It's there loss and another company blessing.
Sylvia Jones

If i could i would not even give them 1 star. This is the worst nursing facility i have ever seen. Most of the staff is lazy and don't do there job. My mother has gotten worse since she has been in there. They don't answer the phone. My mother don't get her medication as she should. They would rather put up food trays they take care of the patients. I see things like this for myself. I'm currently looking for a new facility. This place need to be closed. If you know anyone that is in this facility, you better check on them periodically.
Snappa Red

Terricka Pittman

This place is making AMAZING progress!!!! The staff is phenomenal! Keep up the good work!
Lynne Napoli

The Activities are awesome here!! The Activities Director had such great activities for National Nursing Home Week. The patients and staff had so much fun all week!! It warmed my heart seeing the smiles and laughter coming from the patients. It surely isnt the Nursing Home you witnessed years ago!!