7 reviews

Alexandria Place

marker Gastonia, North Carolina


7 reviews

The residents are great! I loved it there. I enjoyed taking care of the residents. Until one of my co-workers became very jealous and violent trying to fight me. Its sad she is still there due to her friendship with the lead CNA who could've prevented the harrassment from continuing to happen. I now believe what the residents said about her how mean she was to them.
Karen R

Dominic Barringer

Tasha Cansler

I don't know how this place has 4 stars! Its nasty, floors are filthy and the nursing staff are incompetent! I've had nothing but trouble out of this place. They had my great aunt laying on a busted up mattress, we requested for her to have a new one several days. She only got one because I called the DON and told them it was info infection control violation. She now has a bed sore and they have not.been properly positioning her in bed. They wont let her use the bedside commode although she is able to transfer to the BSC with some assistance. They tell her to go.in a brief but she is not incontinent! Today, I had a grown man staff member from environmental services yell at me and be rude to me in the hallway in front of other residents and refused to go get his supervisor! Yes this place will be reported to state...immediately!
Dwayne Thompson

This place is great and my mother always has nothing but good things to say about the staff.