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Absolut Care of Westfield

marker Westfield, New York


15 reviews
Kiley Gilbert

Gloria Magiera

I want to thank absolut care for everything they did for my husband while he was there,they did excellent care,they were all very pleasant and helpful and worked with me in my time of stress,they made me and my husband Larry feel at home. It was always clean and well managed. Again a big thank you Absolut Care!
Barb Bartlett

Being a good resident for short term rehab, I have to say the rehab department is very small, but efficient in nost cases. Would like to have seen more equipment to work on. It is a very basic program. The people running are great, it is a shame they cant provide them with more space and equipment to be more involved and intense in the therapies departments. The nursing staff is under staffed. The staff does not communicate well with each other. There were times I had to wait 30-40 min for a response, thank God they were not emergencies. Nurses are very nice and most are very experienced, but not always efficient due to under staffing on some shifts. I would go there again for therapy, even with staffing problems. I am looking forward to being released soon.
Dalisia Marriott

Horrible administration. Supervisors are crappy, pompous and judgemental besides Jack. No organization within. Crappy or no training. Completely shortstaffed and overworked. Agency workers are dumped on and given the harder assignments and are discarded once we stand up for ourselves or refuse extra work. Doesn't make sense for an agency staff to know the routine when they never recieved training on facility policies or complete instructions on that day's assignment. The residents are wonderful and most staff. Would not return but I do wish those residents luck.
Wandaliz Valle

My mother has been at this facility for almost three years. It's not shinny and modern like some other nursing homes but the staff is worth their weignt in gold. They care for my mother as if she was family. The nurses go above and beyond to care for her...and facilitate family visits. I am very impressed with the friendliness & professionalism of the nurses, aids and administrators.