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Absolut At Orchard Park

marker Orchard Park, New York


37 reviews
Shanea Stroud

Anonymous User

This place is a joke. If you could hold off and not place your loved one here please don't. They're seriously under staffed and aides use that as an excuse to keep residents laying in their soils and beds for hours. Some dont get fed. The aides come in high and run the place. The higher ups know about the issues and dont do anything to correct the issues because they don't have the people to fill in their spots. So please don't send your loved ones here. Nobody has their back and it's heartbreaking.
Denise Moeller

I found the facility short staffed.No one at nursing station 2 hours plus just empty at night.Call light not answered for 1 hour.1 nurse for how many patients.If you had no medical knowledge and didn't push for care your in trouble.Made request for stomach med x4 not addressed.Made request for finger foods not addressed.Elderly cannot pick up big sandwiches not user friendly meals.Very poor rating in my mind and I've been a nurse for 32 years.
malinda stewart

Unbelievable that i had to hear of the closing on the news, my loved one just got there 2 months ago from an assisted living place that was shut down by the state, poor management at absolute care orchard park, and hardly no staff there on weekends, worried about that and now, to find out of them closing from social media is just unacceptable, shame on you, these are people's loved ones, they deserve better and weird how u cant post review without hitting one star, i give it no stars
dawn grant

I went for rehab and the care was horrible. Food was cooled and horrible. They didn't understand my diet. The therapy room was horrible.