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22nd Street Senior Care

marker Wyandotte, Michigan


8 reviews
Diane Neely

I want to share my brother and my experience with 22nd Street Senior Care. Our mother, Virginia, is the woman waving the flag and singing God Bless American. Melinda sent this video to me while I was working on the 4th of July and I had to sit down have a great big cry. I was so proud of my mom, especially when the majority of Americans are trying to trample on the rights that our Fore Fathers fought so hard for and here she is singing with such gusto. Our mom could barely speak the past couple of years, one or two words here and there. We never heard her sing while we were growing up but 22nd Street helped us learn new things about our mother as her disease changed the woman we knew. You Are My Sunshine became her favorite song only because Melinda took the time to sit with her and sing it over and over until she learned to sing along with her (what a team they were). Jessica singing and dancing in our moms room to the entire music track from 'Dirty Dancing', to Ciara polishing her nails. These are just a few unique things that they did for our mom. They treated her with dignity and respect every single day. 22nd Street is not only about one person, everyone that we have interacted with there has always been friendly and upbeat. We got to know other patients and their families because of the openness of the house. Everyone who walks into that house whether you are a patient, guest or caregiver is considered family.I am going to miss everyone at 22nd Street since our mother recently passed away but not without putting up a good fight with the help of 22nd Street. Our mother was put on hospice in 2016, came off hospice in September 2017 because of the top-notch care she received. She didn't go back on hospice for an entire year, in fact we thought she was about to get kicked off hospice for a second time due to the care and attention she received every single day. God had a different plan though and I believe He thought it was time for someone else to benefit from the care that is provided at 22nd Street Senior Care. Thank you Everyone! We appreciate everything you did for our mother and we love you immensely!!!!
Kristina Krupiak

This is a wonderful home with a very caring and loving staff who will give your loved ones and yourself peace of mind.
Ciara Beaumont

Wonderful and clean environment! Staff and management are super friendly :)
Mark Krupiak

A wonderful home. Caring and professional staff.
Wind Charmer

Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the care and compassion that Melinda and her staff have shown my father. He has been in 22nd Street Senior Care for 2 years now. We found this place after several hospital stays and larger nursing home and assisted living facilities. My father's condition deteriorated in every other place he has been and has actually improved at 22nd St Senior Care. The home is cozy, clean and organized and the staff responds very quickly to requests. When I went to visit my father at a large nursing facility, I would witness him ring his call button and wait up to an hour for someone to respond. At 22nd Street Senior Care, if my father rings his call button, the response time is usually within a minute or at most 5 minutes. In a larger nursing facility, there were so many people on staff it felt like we never saw the same caregiver twice. At 22nd Street Senior Care he sees the same few familiar aides. It is a much more personalized experience. In a larger nursing facility, drastic changes in my father's condition went unnoticed because after one person's shift ended, a week could pass before that same person saw my father again. At 22nd Street Senior, any change to my father's condition is noticed and addressed immediately. Being at 22nd Street Senior Care is as close as he could be to living in his own home with a full time aide. I highly recommend this place to anyone seeking excellent eldercare in a personalized and home-like setting.