15 reviews

Ahava group llc

marker West Bloomfield Township, Michigan


15 reviews
Greenmane official

Owner Needs to be more professional and caring towards them old folks. Sad. Workers are nice but the owner dos not truely care for the people.
allison kennedy

Edited for response to ownerSure the place looks nice but after you get to know the owner you realize he lies about everything and only cares about money. Very sad. Does not respect his employees.My personal feelings are what got me fired. You fired me because I complained to YOU that YOU LEFT ALL THE RESIDENTS SOAKED AND UNATTENDED FOR 12 HOURS. One lady was getting a break down on her skin because of it.You were supposed to be taking care of them and left them in horrible conditions. When I said to you that it was unacceptable,you came back and fired me because I can't talk to you that way. Your words not mine. You should have taken care of them and this would have never been an issue.
Nick L

Great facility and staff!
Sady Mcrob

Often has more residents than state allows.
Kayla MacIntosh