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American House Oakland

marker Pontiac, Michigan


11 reviews
Craig Mungons

My parents lived at American House Oakland for eight years from 2012-2020. My mother for the first four years and my father for the entire eight years. They loved everything about American House Oakland: their apartment, the staff, the meals and the social interaction with new friends. They had their ups and downs emotionally like everyone does especially those in a more restrictive setting like a senior living community. But, overall, their lives were greatly enriched during their final years of life by living at American House Oakland. My family and I spent a lot of time at American House Oakland with my parents and for various family events. We, too, thought American House Oakland was an excellent environment for my parents during their final years of life (both lived over 90 years). We can highly recommend American House Oakland to anyone looking for a new residence for their loved ones.
Sheila Butl

I realize that it's just a competition between the communities, of the American houses, its really not about the need or affordability of the residents or the actual care, its about the Money. It's the same as the Nursing homes when I was in that position. Not to mention the community fee, that can be either waived or reduced pending on how bad they want that room/apartment filled by you or your love one.And that depends on the area! Demographic area, basically just like the car insurance companies, you know how they red line you, depending on you zip code or city you live in. Some offer tax credit apartments, but there's a waiting list, si they claim so you're have to pay Market Price first( a higher price that most cannot afford if they need a tax credit apartment. ( low income) Their corporate office in Southfield is horrible no one's returns any of your calls, you can leave voicemail messages. (go figure)Care is provided by unlicensed third party company that rents space inside the building. None are licensed to care for your love one. Not to mention the cost for them to provide what care is needed by the residents is ridiculous costly. Let me sum it up, its all just a racket......like most of these places for our elderly are . It's all about the money! Most of the administrators running the building have no people skills. Its all about the money, Then there's the admissions/marketers they're tell you anything to get you there fill you with alot of fake promises.
Mary Clark

American House Oaklands staff goes above and beyond to care for my mother in-law. I love the how the life enrichment team makes sure there is activities that she will enjoy. The office team is also amazing, and always willing to go above and beyond. Im glad we had chosen American House Oakland. You guys have truly been a blessing in our lives.
Sunny Sterner

My Mom lives there now and it's a very nice place. She's having a hard time adjusting, but I think she'll be ok. One of the things that bothers me is that, when my Mom asks for something for pain, they often put her off and have her wait. That is why I didn't give American House 5 stars. Other than that, it's a fantastic place!! It's absolutely beautiful, inside and out. My Moms apartment has a very nice lay-out and her new furniture looks absolutely beautiful in it!! The other residents seem truly friendly and many have complimented my Mom on how beautiful she is(my Mom will be 80 on her next birthday and she is, very beautiful!!). Most of the staff are also friendly and very polite. I always feel welcome there when I am greeted by staff members. American House offers plenty of activities for the residents to join in on. And the activities are quite varied. There seems to be something for everyone. There's painting, card games, puzzles, movie nights, shopping. The list goes on and on. I would recommend American House Oakland to people who are looking for assisted living for themselves or a luved one.
Glennia Morgan-Ayers

Love this place great place to work and visit and the community is awesome