50 reviews

Addington Place at East Paris

marker Grand Rapids, Michigan


50 reviews
Ben Wals

Great team, they have been on top of my mother in laws care in assisted living and she even gets to go on the outings with her wheelchair.
Mo Vance

Terrible place and it seems as if they are not open to people of color.
Jared Farmer

My grandfather has been living here for a few months now, we needed to move him back from Florida after he had a bad fall and ended up in rehab for 3 weeks. He was not very happy about the change, but seems to be adjusting really nicely and has made friends. Sounds like his favorite part is the food and the bus trips. We visited with him last week for an old car show they had, everyone in the family enjoyed it!
Carla Meyers

Robin Smith

Great community, Alex has been a pleasure to work with. I toured a few weeks ago and they are in the middle of renovations, but the atmosphere was great and the facility seems cozy. The renovations is a plus. My mother is moving in next week to building #5!