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Altoona Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

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14 reviews
Karen Rohrer

My sister was just recently transferred to this rehab center with no notice to either them or us. I have to say I was nervous based on reviews. However, they have been taking great care of her (a few hiccups but the director of nursing Lynne has been awesome) For the first time in weeks I have been able to go home and rest and not have to worry about her). This facility is working hard to regain our trust and are doing an excellent job.
Megan E

Amber Lanczos

Joyce Lewis

I realize it has been awhile but five years ago I was sent to Altoona Rehab following back surgery. I was there 19 days and had a wonderful experience. When I got there, I was in a lot of pain and couldn't do anything for myself. In the first week, I must have met 30 to 40 different employees and all of them were respectful and kind. The facility was clean and my room was mopped every day. Many of the employees had been there 10 to 15 years. I hope things haven't changed because I have told my children if the day comes that I need a facility, Altoona is where I want to be.
Marea Collins

I do not recommend this place. No one should ever bring a loved 1 there is specially with Alzheimer's. My husband went to see his mom today like he does every day since Wednesday. From that 1st day till now it seems like they are not doing theyre job. The 1st day she arrived from the hospital in her hospital gown, she went there to get physical therapy( no idea why this place was even at all recommended, its not a place for someone with Alzheimer's) 1st clue when the gal asked questions and we said she has to be in a locked down unit, wouldnt that be the 1st clue) so we knew we couldn't pick her up because she broke her hip obviously were not trained to do that that's why she's there she couldn't go back home into the memory care/ assisted living but i guess. So here since she had to be there I asked one of the nurses down at the station to come help us they didn't come for like an hour or 2 then I went back down there and I asked again and the ladies like 'oh I thought that you had her night gown ready to put on her when i walked by on you were changing her and I told her I said we cannot pick her up her hip was broken, seriously, so they came down within 15 mins. Our poor mother, all exposed, no under garments and been in the same ugly thin holy gown for 3 days, in a wheelchair, Today my husband went in there and he said the nurse went on to say we had no idea your mom had a memory problem so we were really having a h*** of a time with your mom and she was walking around after we put her to bed and so on. We kept saying u need to get back to bed, she didnt know know what she was doing. So dont u think the admin thinkin when we 1st got the interview to get her in there everybody should know she had Alzheimer's