4 reviews

Adel Acres

marker Adel, Iowa


4 reviews
Deb Marchesano

It's owned by MGM Healthcare. They own a disgusting place in Norwalk called Regency, and disgusting Fleur Heights in Des Moines.
Madison Veber

Met with the new DON, she is FANTASTIC! Shes definitely going to enrich many lives!
Corn Dog

What a lovely place to live! Good grief, this facility could be an extension of my living room, only it's cleaner. I walk in and the place smells like Grandma's house. Good food cooking, clean linen, people watching a little TV or taking a nap. A few laughs, some music and comfy furniture. The staff love the folks that live here, and they are loved back! The grounds, as well as the building, are well-kept. New carpet. No stains or unpleasant odors. I frequently see doctors and other professional staff there. Hospice care givers. Therapists. Families and children come visit. Places uptown to eat and pick up necessary supplies. Minivans to go to the doctor. Minutes from the Des Moines Metro, airports, lodging and interestate highways. Far enough away from the hubbub to get a good nights sleep. Sign me up! Like home, because it IS someone's home. (Friends included at no extra charge)
Alex Engel