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Accolade Healthcare of Paxton on Pells

marker Paxton, Illinois


21 reviews
Nicole McIntosh

Lisa Kobe

My dad was there two days and they were quick to ship him off to a place in Indy because of behavioral problems. They did not know how to handle a patient with dementia as well as many other issues without quick to ship him out. Between this place and the place they shipped him all of his belongings except his shoes are lost. Including brand new bifocal glasses. Promised to take him back after his stay that was only supposed to be 3-5 days turned into two weeks of hell. Then another hospital stay and when needing placed again he was declined.
Irish Rose

My mom was here she was wonderfully taken care of by staff. Staff is caring and friendly and loving. Great place clean and beautiful. The supervisor is as well. Overall great place. My mom sadly passed away Friday 05/29/2020. From her fight with cancer.
Sheryl Buckner

I would recommend this place to anyone who needs to place a loved one in nursing home facility. My mom was there for about 4 months & the staff went out of their way while she was there & in making sure she had what she needed to get back homeIm Carolyn McClure , I was put in rehab here after falling. My injury caused me to have pain in lower body & I thought I was never going to be able to overcome the pain & immobility. They continued to work with me even though I didnt want to & now Im up & physically walking because of them. They are excellent with their service & rehab & they truly care about their patients.
Theresa Schroeder