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Alden Gardens of Des Plaines

marker Des Plaines, Illinois


2 reviews
Susan Krygowski

My Mother had actually stayed there, a couple of times, within a couple year's, due to her having to have kyphoplasty surgery, on her eback, so she stayed there for a couple of weeks, after all 3 surgeries, so she can get Physical Therapy, Therapy so she can resume some of the things that she was doing before the surgery, and how to properly take care of herself at home, thing's like that. Personally I think they are a great facility, they're very nice, and kind to all their patient's, they had a lot of activities going on all the time, like they play games, balloon toss, they have people come in and play and sing music, there's dancing, and Bingo, all sorts of different things, for the patient's to do, and to keep them busy, they have a beautician that comes in once a week, they have a dining room where they can eat, and if your family wants to come and have meals there, with their family, they can come, and they give you a little menu, that tells you what they are cooking for that meal, today, then you order what you want, and they serve it to you, like a restaurant would, and all day, every day, and night, they have free, fresh popped Popcorn, and they also have a little shop, on the 1st floor, right next to the Popcorn, where they serve Coffee, Cappuccino, French Vanilla Coffee, Tea, and 5 different kinds of Ice Cream, and it just so happened, that they had Butter Pecan Ice Cream, and that was my Mother's absolute, favorite Ice Cream, so every night, pretty much right after dinner, we'd go visit here, and bring up some fresh Popcorn, and a bowl of Butter Pecan Ice Cream, she'd be so happy, sometimes it got to the point, where she'd actually be done with her dinner, and waiting for us, because we had her goodies, they even had Cookie's, pretty much every day too, so we'd grab her a handful of Cookie's too. Anyway, sorry for rambling on and on, but they're a pretty good facility, I'd recommend them to everybody. Thanks for the great care, and service.
Marnee Mathews