34 reviews

Alden Valley Ridge Rehab

marker Bloomingdale, Illinois


34 reviews
Margaret McGowan

In a way, I am sad to leave. Everyone has been kind, thoughtful and many fun ones here. I have heard bad things in the past, but could not find one bad thing during my stay, it has been delightful. Thank you everyone, my fellow residents , staff and therapy.
Patricia O'Rourke

Alden Valley Ridge staff is caring and efficient. A family member is a resident at AVR , and, because of their care and concern, her health is improving. I am pleased that she receives individualized care to meet her specific needs.
Gregory Rangel

when I arrived here i received the greats news that I would walk after being told from manor care I would never walk and be in bed the rest of my life but I met a wonderful lady and her team her name is salo with her guides I am up and walking in only 12 visits this i sand will always before me great place thanks to all the great team for their support
Lynda Loftus

I came to the facility for rehab after bilateral hip surgery that were broken. Therapy department was great in my recovery in a short period of time. Social worker/Becky was helpful and great, helped through a few rough times. Leonard/CNA, Nurse Sejal helped motivate me when I first came to get me stronger and out of bed. Overall stay was good.
Doug M

My Mother spent more than 5 months in that facility, and you told me that you gave my Mother $30.00 a month spending money from Her Social Security Check, and the rest goes to bills there. My Mother never saw a penny of that! You told Me the amount of Her monthly bill. Where's Her Allowance?I can't believe this place would make assumptions on certain family members. The therapist told me, I need to go to school to learn how to use the hydraulic lift to lift a patient. I just had one delivered to my home. It was simply to operate with no instructions. And how can a nurse walk into a patient's room and remove a full tray of food from the side of the patient's bed, have not been eaten yet and the nurse walks out the room in front of me with the food, leaving the patient Starve? Then I question the nurse at the nurse station about that . She had the nerve to tell me, 'Your Mother Said She's Not Hungry. 'Why don't they feed her if she couldn't feed herself?!I'm glad I got her out of there it wasn't easy but I had to get her out with some help!Its a shame she can't walk no more with her Walker like she used to before she went there for rehab, then Rachelle had the nerve to tell me she wasn't going home, and she also made judgments over me that I don't know how to take care of my mother. That tears me apart how they think, and neglected her right in front of me thinking I'm that too smart to see it?! I'm still upset because my mother life is ruined. And I'm don't think I will ever get over this now. My mother feels like a prisoner now.