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Able Mabel Assisted Home Care

marker Atlanta, Georgia


11 reviews
alima njie


I would give 0 stars if I could but I had to put something if you truly care about your loved ones run from this company. I left them once and returned thinking thing would change and they were worst. Lisa is a very good liar and very manipulative. Im starting with another company on January 1, 2019 and instead of Able Mable finishing out the month of December they text not call to let me know at 9pm that my father will not have service for his remaining days and Ive already paid on the 1st of December in full on time. Im only posting this to possibly help other families. THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT YOUR PAYMENT NOT YOUR FAMILY MEMBER.
Torie Kimani

Pat Pearson

I worked for these people 2 days and when payday came, I called to see about picking up my check and they said they mailed it...I never received it..I kept calling them to see if the check was returned to them and they kept saying no and told me that they couldn't reissue me a check that I had to wait until the next payday....so it was a month before I got paid and when I went over to get the check on the next payday they still didn't have a check for me...she wrote one out...need less to say they lied about mailing me a check and I don't recommend anyone working for them...
Brian Nasir

Me and my father truly appreciate this company and all that they do. My aunt previously suffered from a stroke and were referred to Abel Mable. The company come out swiftly and took charge making things very comfortable and having a caring aid was my familys main concerns. This company has done this and more. I would refer anyone looking for a caring dedicated company that cares to use them.