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Alto - Alpharetta, GA

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24 reviews
Valerie Gernazian

We recently moved my parents into the newly renovated Alto Senior Living in Alpharetta. It is such a lovely and comfortable place, with a friendly, caring and welcoming staff. My mom was not at all excited about making this move, but after less than a week she seems happy as can be! Check them out if you are looking for a smaller senior living community with a relaxed atmosphere. They offer a variety activities and services. And the food is quite good too!
Sophia Thompson

I recently did a tour knowing that they they had new management and recently renovated the building.But to my surprise the sensus is so low, and the few residents they have does not look happy at all, then I met the administrator Todd Barker which I kept saying to myself that name ring a bell so me and my husband decide to do some research and bingo this same administrator was Partner with Dwayne Edward in financial fraud case where they embezzle over 62 million through nine separate municipal bond offerings. How could they have some one running this senior living no wonder the cannot get no residents there does corporate know about this man and what he is capable of.unless this Allegro company doesnt care rigt now my friend mom is there and she is about to look else where. Run as fast as you can from this place.
David Nichols

When I initially visited the Alto senior living community the first thing I noticed was the beautiful decor and well-kept environment. My follow up visit showed me just how engaged and attentive the staff truly is; in particular the activities director Trent Willis. His interaction felt genuine and warm, like the residents were his flesh and blood and as someone that has been working retail the majority of his life I can appreciate that kind of attention and care.
Michael Brown

I have been the Director of Resident Services in this community since December of 2018 and it has been such a heart warming experience to work alongside the associates and residents we have here. Allegro is a very innovative company that always pushes the next great idea for how to creatively care for their residents! I was instantly welcomed to this building and treated with the utmost respect. Our residents each have a unique story and I can't say enough about the level of care the family members have for their loved ones here. I have been truly inspired by the residents, associates, and the family members we have here at Alto of Alpharetta!
Lisa Lee