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Allegro - Fleming Island, FL

marker Fleming Island, Florida


10 reviews
Laura Clouser

The team at Allegro is such a compassionate group. The leadership truly cares about their residents.
Jennifer Riles

I took a tour with Jennifer. very very sweet and informational girl. I was with a patient of mine, I'm a CNA, we got a tour of the place and had a great lunch. my personal opinion one of the best assisted living places I have seen. I'd happily be able to use Allegro for future endeavors.
Veronica Catoe

Allegro at Fleming Island has provided outstanding care for years in the Orange Park community. I have seen first hand how the care and love given from the staff has enriched the lives of their residents with some living their longer than 10 + years. Visit them and speak to the residents and the staff if you are looking for a new home for yourself or mom & dad. See it for yourself.
Daniel B

Sean Featherstone

Many years ago I worked at this location and what I saw was horrific at night I don't mean to be graphic but residence got hurt there due to sleeping staff it is a very nice facility and I was very proud to work there several years later my grandfather had moved in and nothing changed and my grandfather was pulled out of there like it looks nice on the outside but on the inside especially at night that's a different story to be fair I haven't been there lately and maybe things have changed I can only tell you what I have seen in the past my suggestion is show up at night and see for yourselves