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10 reviews
Pete Bohnhof

I cannot say enough about Toly and Galina and the rest of the staff at All Seasons. My Dad had Alzheimer's/dementia and it was a very difficult time for me and my family. Watching a loved one slip away mentally, emotionally and intellectually is one of the most difficult things that I have ever had to deal with, and I have dealt with much in my life. The one on one, person to person care is top-notch! When one has to spend time away from a family member in a care facility, knowing that your loved one is receiving the best, most attentive care gives one the peace of mind that no price can be applied to. I was allowed access and attention at all hours of the day and night, if necessary, and I never once had to worry about my father being ignored. The facility is always 'military standard' clean and always have a positive feel, open, well-lit and airy. I owe a sincere debt of gratitude to All Seasons for making the most trying time easier. I recommend All Seasons with the utmost confidence.
Rebecca D

After reading many of the previous posts on the different review sites I feel as though there isnt much else I can add. I can emphatically say, that every single positive comment (and therere all positive) made about All Seasons is 100% true.I stumbled upon All Seasons while looking online and reading reviews for residential facilities my loved one could transfer to. On a Sunday afternoon I left a message to set up an appointment and within less than an hour I received a return call from Toly.All Seasons (Pheasant Ridge location) just happened to have a recent vacancy. The moment I saw it I knew it would be a good place for my loved one. It has a walking path that wraps around the entire house. Just beyond their property are open fields with goats, sheep, and chickens. I happened to be there at sunrise a few times and the sunrise was beautiful. I knew my LO would be happy living there as he was very fond of nature and loved being outdoors. More importantly, the home was immaculate, well designed for 6 residents, and the home utilizes state of the art equipment. The staff were professional yet so genuine, caring, and compassionate; a lovely and reassuring combination. My LO soon passed but while he was there I was and am forever grateful to All Seasons for the care and attention they provided my LO. Its no doubt All Seasons sets the standard for residential care living.
John Davidson

Toly and his excellent and caring staff provided wonderful sensitive care for our parents, first our Mom, who passed in 2017 in her early 90s and then for our Dad, 94, who passed earlier this year. We are fortunate in our family to have 4 like-minded siblings who were active with our parents, particularly our sister who lives close by, in Folsom. At all times, Toly and his staff were attentive to us and to our parents, and were pro-active in all matters involving health and comfort. They often went above and beyond with professional service and listening - and would let us know whenever issues came up. They are patient and caring people, and there was very little staff turnover - Clarissa managed with a firm hand and a caring touch, with the staff, with our parents and with us. We are so grateful for everyone and how they made our lives and our parents' lives richer.Our Mom and Dad resided at two of the All Seasons of Life facilities in Orangevale - both were large beautiful homes, designed with the six residents in mind, and great attention is paid to furnishings, mobility, open spaces, entertainment, kitchen and dining, sunlight, and greenery everywhere. They are secure, and equipped with the latest electronics so that the staff are made aware of any issues (e.g., falls, door openings, etc.) immediately and are always on the spot.We are thrilled to have known Toly and his group, and to see how one can combine success in business with a true caring mission for his residents.Thank you, Toly.John, Nancy, Susan and Richard
Eric Bailey

My dad, Ken, has been a resident of All Seasons for two years, and we can offer nothing but raves for the wonderful care and love that has been bestowed by Toly and his staff through the months. The staff is uniformly fantastic. The facility is perfectly designed for assisted living, and is a beautiful home to boot. As my wife put it, 'This is the nicest place your dad has ever lived!' The common areas are roomy, and the bedrooms are cozy, with private bathrooms in each. There are just six residents, and the key metric of care -- a facility's staffing ratio -- is remarkable: Typically two folks are on site at all times except during late nights. For senior citizens, food is extra important, and All Seasons hits it out of the park on that score: The home cooked meals are out of this world. Life is interesting here, too. The staff does a good job of mixing in fun activities appropriate for its residents (my dad has dementia and is confined to a wheelchair, but he delights in playing games like balloon badminton). Toly and his staff take great care to ensure the safety of residents, including the use of a nifty lift device to help move my dad from wheelchair to bed. When the seasons allow, my dad enjoys going out to the beautifully landscaped backyard, complete with gazebo. You might pay a few dollars more to give your loved one a home at All Seasons, but it is so completely worth it. I can't speak more highly of this facility, of Toly or his staff.
Yo Mama

Yes the home is beautiful and clean. But thats what draws you in. If you want a true review ask the unhappy residents that live there. The residents that are unconfortable being left in saturated diapers. The ones who pay a outrageous amount of money to becared for and are not listened too. The residents that are unhappy with the management.The was a patient with severe diaper rash, rawness and stinch of the private area that was left to sit in a saturated diaper. Management was asked to help with this patient and many others needs and just ignored them.The amount of employee turn over in this facility is at a ridiculous high. There is no support from management and employees are not properly trained. They are thrown into situations and told to figure it out. Employee are handing out patient medications with no medication training and no double check system. State laws are in place to protect the patient and they are not being followed. This facility is more about the facade and drawing in more patients then they are patient care. Dont judge a book by its cover. Things on the outside look great but you really need to read the fine print behind the scenes. Patients in the care of this facility are facing the last chapter of there life. They need to fill comfortable and taken seriously. There needs need to be met. You want there last part of life to be happy, comfortable and loving. In this case at all seasons its more of a night mare. Not a place i would want my loved one.