4 reviews

Allora Senior Living

marker Mission Viejo, California


4 reviews
Rafael Ledesma

Allora Senior Living uses me to transport their residents. Friendly and smiley faces is what i like about that place.
Traci Cole

Kevin acted like a family member when my father in law was sent to the ER. his staff noticed lack of responsiveness and called 911. Kevin, the owner and director, showed up at the ER to help with paperwork, medical information etc. he communicated with the MD and nurses and kept my husband, who was out of town, and I was stuck at work in the loop. He also was a friendly companion to my father in law Sam. Upon being admitted, Kevin continued this level of service in the room. Kevin managed it all. I was able to just visit and not stress!! Hes amazing! I am so glad we placed Sam in his care!
Lauren Singletary

My father was a resident here for a little over 4 months at the end of his life and based on my experience I would highly recommend it! The owner is a wonderful man not a corporation! The residence is a lovely Mission Viejo home on a quiet street not far from Trabuco Hills HS. It is freshly renovated (December 2018) and kept clean and orderly. Despite my father's messy tendencies his shared room was kept neat by the caregivers. The food was not gourmet but mostly homemade and better than I was providing at home before I couldn't provide the care he needed any longer. Caregivers are professional patient and kind. They did all laundry and kept him clean and dry which could be a challenge! My father was a challenge in a lot of ways actually! Whether the short term memory loss or his demanding and stubborn Italian Brooklyn personality he was a handful! But the owner and I kept communications open and navigated challenges as they presented themselves. I am very grateful to Kevin and his staff at Allora that made my father's last months as pleasant calm and relaxing as possible!
Peter Schenkelberg

I have been to Allora Senior Living several times to visit a friend. I have found the home to be clean and cheery. The staff is friendly and articulate and the administrator is eager to make his residents happy.