5 reviews

Adina Home Care

marker Folsom, California


5 reviews
Len Shoemaker

My wifes father was placed in Nick and Ilens home approximately 4 months ago. After visiting numerous homes for memory care patients this home stands out. You wont find finer caring people than these two folks. The home is immaculately kept and the meals served are better than most restaurant food. Iilane is a great cook and Nick can handle any heavy lifting with the patients. You know that your loved ones are being cared for properly here. 5 stars
daniel Moga

Good service
Gina Nicholas

Super happy with my choice of Adina Home Care. The home is beautiful. It is well maintained, with a beautiful garden and pool. The owners are kind and caring. I know this is a great choice.
Angie Zimmerman

Horrible place, don't send anyone you care about here. In 3 months my mother got 2 bedsores and fell and got a huge bump on her head that is still there 6 weeks later. She called for help 4 times so she could get up from chair in her room, nobody came so she got up by herself and fell into the wooden storage bed they had in her room. Elena didn't bother to call 911 even though she is on blood thinner and is at risk for bleed outs. Instead she went to church, like she does every Wed, Sat and Sunday. They left her in the dingy dark room all day and night. Put double diapers on her and other residents at night so Elena/Owner could sleep through the night; she didn't want to be bothered during the night taking them to the bathroom, so my mother ended up with 2 ulcers (bedsore similar). When Elena learned that I filed complaints against them she took it out on my mother...yelling at her, telling her she needed to find another place, telling her she needed to pay more, scolding her in front of other residents. Another resident ended up in hospital with SEVERE UTI from being left in soiled diapers through the night. Infection got into her bloodstream and was extremely serious, as of this post, she is still in hospital care/rahab and it has been about 7 weeks already.
kristin porter

Ilena & Nick are the best!! They care for their residents with all their hearts. The residents sit around the large dining room table at mealtimes - and Ilena is a wonderful cook. (Her Tiramisu is out of this world!). The residence enjoy fresh air in their backyard - sitting by the pool and walking around the basketball court area. I highly recommend Adina Home Care.