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12 reviews
Janet Kerans

My husband spent ten weeks this summer in the new Villa on Vivaldi -- from mid-June through the end of August, continuing his recovery from a hip fracture. What a life saver that was for us! I needed to get the house packed up for a move to Seattle and there was no way he could have stayed there while that was going on. We were both very pleased with the care and attention that the fine staff there gave him (and me too)! And it was truly lovely to be so close to home, surrounded by people we already knew and cared about. The Villa was kept immaculately clean, full of light and comfort. We cannot say enough about how great it was to have him there in what could have been an impossible situation. Many kudos!!

My parents lived at the Villas for six years. The staff was wonderful and providing them with loving care as they became increasingly frail. Because the facility is relatively small, it provided a home-like environment where their individual preferences were known to the staff and they received personalized attention.
Joel Gantt

After searching high and low we're very happy with our selection for the family at Academy Villas.
Gary D Fenstermacher

As a resident of the community where Academy Villas is located, I have had the opportunity to work closely with the staff and management of the Villas. They are enormously dedicated to the residents and treat them as if they were members of their own families. It is pleasure to be a visitor to this extraordinary facility, and witness the dedicated care and concern provided to all.
k lundberg

Excellent customer service, caring and professional staff makes the Villas feel like a second family.