20 reviews

A Paradise for Parents Banff Lane

marker Surprise, Arizona


20 reviews
Kristine Pound

Every time I come in, the staff are friendly, helpful, and professional. The environment is pleasant, uncluttered, safe, and cozy.
G. Joe Schwab

Laura and Elvis do a great job. Dad was in memory care, he fell several times at a very nice facility, he was overmedicated, and there was no interaction with him.We took him out of the facility and place them into a paradise for parents. He has put on weight, he has not fallen, he is not overmedicated, and the staff and others interact with him. All I can say is, thank you very much.
Nichole Bennett

This is a great place with great care givers! Always festive and full of love when I walk through the door!! Highly recommended
Bette Cohen

This was the best place for my Mom to live after my Father passed away.  When she arrived she was depressed, wasn't taking her medication regularly or eating.  Leaving her the first night was so hard for my family but they reassured us that they 'had this'.   Fast Foward a few days and my Mom was like a different woman.  She was on a good schedule taking her medication, was enjoying eating her meals with her new friends and overall we saw such a great improvement!!  I highly recommend A PARADISE FOR PARENTS.  The staff is so caring and loving it was amazing to watch.  The owner Hal was available for any questions or help we might need.  After one visit my 30-year-old daughter announced she wants to live here...that is how pleasant this HOME is!!
Steven Porter

(Part 2) Midge has adapted so incredibly well to this care home and we really have to just thank the staff and owner for all the fine details they see to each and every day. It is truly amazing! We still can't believe our mom has so graciously transitioned into this next phase of her life. In October we felt sad as we saw a decline in her mentation and physical abilities. She was weak and frail. By November, she was gaining strength and going for daily walks outside in the back yard ( had not wanted to do that when she lived alone...she was probably afraid ), eating breakfast every day ( only had orange juice when she lived alone, maybe a rare piece of toast ), participating in games at the home with visiting clergy ( she did not have interest in that when alone ). She really enjoys most meals at the home and if she does not care for something, she lets Laura or the staff know and they provide her with something she likes. We feel so blessed every night after talking to her and hearing her chat about all that went on during the day. She seems happier now than a year ago and that couldn't make us any more happy!Thank you Hal, for always checking in and taking the time to get to know your residents and for taking them on field trips! You are amazing!Thank you, Laura! You are the rock, the glue, the everything that makes Paradise so wonderful. You are a wonderful caregiver and soooo patient and giving. You always give your all, take constructive criticism from the residents and run with it, trying to make everyone happy. It does not go unnoticed all that you do.Thank You Elvis, the work horse, always busy and doing something. Moving furniture, caring for the residents, timing eye drops precisely. You rock!Thank you Chris, for your kindness and care. Taking care of Midge's crises in the middle of the night, taking the time to watch an episode of Jeopardy and enjoy it with the residents. You are awesome.Thank you Esmerelda, for all your kind and loving care with the residents, cooking away in the kitchen, being a calming presence for those who feel anxious.We love you and all you do! Keep doing what you are doing because you are awesome at it!