3 reviews

Ahepa 310 VII

marker Mobile, Alabama


3 reviews
C. Morini

Three stars because Stratas did 5. She is kin to one of the head honchos. She does not live at the property.
Debbie Tubbs

Although its a clean and safe place for loved ones, they are extremely discriminatory to certain families...I was in awe when I first went to visit, because of the sense of community I QUICKLY realized that new management isnt exactly people that should be dealing with the public AT ALL..! Because the SAME rules SHOULD apply to EVERYONE, management or no...to be ANY authority figure on the grounds, yet be hypocritical or use a double standard is appalling to ANY member and the families who have to see the same things they are reprimanded for continue to be ok for other members and THEIR families...! Im glad she has a safe place, but WE wont be back to visit, because we wont be part of ANYTHING that picks and chooses who theyre ok with following WRITTEN and SIGNED rules for the establishment...!
Torii Stratas

Affordable, safe, and clean! This is a wonderful alternative for seniors and handicapped individuals who need a great place to live!