49 reviews

Alta Ridge Assisted Living of Sandy

marker Sandy, Utah


49 reviews

My Mom has been in this community for 3-1/2 years and is happy and content. I appreciate the staff, led by the current Administrator, JoAnn Werneth, taking such good care of her needs. Today, I happily give 5 stars as JoAnn has worked hard to make the community a good place to be. At times I have had to make requests for additional oversight for my Mom, and JoAnn made sure the requests were implemented. JoAnn also fixed a minor leak in my Mom's bathroom since maintenance couldn't be there timely. She truly wants to make sure the residents are taken care of.Yesterday I heard distressing news that JoAnn provided her resignation and I would be shocked and disappointed if SAL Management accepted it! Before JoAnn arrived, the community was without an Administrator and you could see the difference in some of the staff without a strong leader. Managing an Assisted Living is no easy task, yet JoAnn has worked hard to make the community a better place. I can only hope my Mom continues to receive the care she needs, and deserves.
Maria Currier

I was impressed by the medical staff who really listened and cared about my mothers needs. Im grateful for that.
Glenn Miller

Seems to be a definite decline in quality care with new site administration. Previously had a stable, well-trained staff, with a prompt response to residents, repairs made quickly, attention to details, and food always ordered and available -- a very smooth running facility. In the last few months it seems that the staff may or may not show up or do their job with no consequences, facility looks dirty (dishes left on tables), showers may not happen or as scheduled. Many residents seem anxious about the quality of care they're given now. Hopefully this can soon change.
Amanda Bickmore

Lindsay Cox

Wow! So impressed by how amazing this assisted living is. Magen is the administrator and she is the most kind and caring person around. Couldnt ask for a better person to lead a team of professionals caring for our elderly population. The building is always clean and inviting and they are always providing so many fun activities to keep everyone entertained. The food is top notch and the staff is very friendly. I would highly recommend this assisted living to anyone looking for a place for their parent or parents to live.