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Agave Apartments

marker San Antonio, Texas


50 reviews
Patrick Ly

In the short time I've known someone to that has lived here it's been situation after situation... I'll weigh out the pros and cons.Pros:- excellent location in terms of things to do since you're so close to the Riverwalk- nice amenities between the tiny gym, and small pool- nice rooftop patio area- units themselves are tastefully constructedCons:- price for what you actually get are pretty bad- elevator rarely stays operational (either one, it seems like it's at least once every other week that one of the elevators is down)- maintenance staff aren't too friendly (they'll blame you for things instead of the construction or workmanship of what they are called to fix)- parking is horrible unless you pay extra money for a reserved spot- the parking structure itself is poorly maintained (the gate has been broken SO many times- the company claims NO responsibility for what happens to your car or the contents of your car while parked on THEIR parking structure- on the topic of psrking, if you have guests... They MUST park on the 8th floor which is the VERY top.of the structure, or they WILL be towed by a company that is able to come in as they please.- the mail delivery system is flawed, packages will come late or not come.at all sometimes. It's happened with Amazon items, USPS, FedEx, AND UPS - the dog run is DISGUSTING, it's made of AstroTurf and soaks up urine and fecal matter left by dogs and smells to high heaven (ESPECIALLY in the Texas heat)- parking spots in front of the leasing office have now turned into pay-to-park locationsIn the short time my friend has lived here; her car was broken into around Christmas, and when brought up, we discovered there is only ONE camera that monitors the entry/exit of the parking structure, a HOMELESS person barricaded themself in the rooftop patio bathroom (he was able to get up there because once again, the gate to the parking structure was broken), and multiple people had decor taken from doorways. I won't get started on the garbage situation, but in short; the garbage is usually backed up or clogged. In a funnier side not; there's an early 2000's Toyota Camry that hasn't moved once since I've been visiting my friend here, yet MY car got towed as the result of a 'personal complaint'. This place deserves every bit of ONE STAR for a rating.
Ken T

When I sent my Truck for repair and went apartment with a rental car, it was towed and cost $220 to get back. To use parking lot, vehicle must be registered and if you forget, it will be towed without any warning. I tried to register rental car and at that time, I was informed vehicle will not be towed if parked on 8th floor. I parked on 8th floor for one week and experienced elevator not working twice.
a m

I'm unable to leave a review to Greystar Properties specific company page ( that is incredibly poor reviewed btw, so beware leasing with buildings under this management ) so I'm left to posting to the properties under their care; Greystar chooses to perpetuate breed stereotypes that help contribute to this city's abused and homeless dog population. I'd love to consider leasing at Agave if they ever choose to join 2019 with the majority of the world and end the cycle. It's the owner not the breed.
Paul Rowlett

Do not stay here or at any other Greystar property! They make you display a large parking pass in your window advertising to everyone in the world where you live and any time you forget to hang it they tow you! Looked for my brand new truck all morning then, with great angst, I finally called to report it stolen to only find out that the apartments where I live and pay rent had it towed! Half a day and $220 later I got my truck back, Moving out as soon as possible! If you can't come up with a better policy than that, you should not be running an apartment complex.Update: The little old man that Uber'd (another $10 btw) me to the towing company said he has an elderly friend who has been stuck in his Agave apartment for months because of COVID who finally came out this week to find his car missing (towed by Agave) as well. How many of their residents do they do this to?????
Pete Otholt

We love living here, so much that we recently moved to a larger apartment. The amenities are nice and well maintained. Agave has recently added Peloton bikes to their workout room and they have been offering weekly free core classes from NFinite Pursuit personal training for a while now.Any maintenance issues are handled promptly and the folks in the office are always easy to work with. The area around the apartments offer many things to do, to the point it's not uncommon for us to park on Friday and not drive again until Monday. Highly recommend!!