22 reviews

Adante Assisted Living & Memory Care

marker San Antonio, Texas


22 reviews
Serafin Ramirez

From an employee perspective Adante assisted living is a great place to be employed. I want to come to work and make a difference for our residents .whether it be having activities , a party , or taking them to lunch or a day trip. Seeing the resident's enjoy themselves having fun is very rewarding not just to me but my fellow team members as well. I'm truly blessed to part of the team/family.
Mindy Eisen

In San Antonio, you cannot select a community better than Adante for those you love. The associates that work at Adante truly put the 'Resident First' attitude into play! It is wonderful to see seniors making new friends, enjoying life, and getting the assistance they need to remain active. In the Memory Care community, the residents enjoy activities that are geared to their interests every day. Their lives maintain dignity and purpose, with much love and care woven into the fabric of their days and evenings. These are wonderful communities.
Jamie Kelley

Very gorgeous facility and the staff really takes care of the residents!
Charlie Gerdes

I had the privilege of attending and helping Adante with a resident/staff event this past Saturday. I was blown away. It was awesome and the residents loved it. I have come to know the staff at Adante and feel that they are one of the best. They are very professional and caring. Always looking for new ways to provide service to their residents. Keep up the good work, Adante.
Alondra Marín

Adante is a great community and its always clean due they have good housekeeping who do a great job. The employees always treat the residents as their family and look to give 100% care. The directors are very detailed and always take good care of residents and employees. I would definitely recommend this community.