9 reviews

Alpine Terrace

marker Kerrville, Texas


9 reviews
breanna burge

Diane Hancock

Alpine Terrace employees treat your loved ones with dignity and compassionate care. My parents have been there several weeks and are very happy. Mom and dad report the meals are really good with generous portions. All the staff are so sweet and caring to the people that live there. I often see upper nursing management out on the floor helping their staff, something you dont often see in a care facility!All the staff: management, nursing, housekeeping, physical therapy, activities, kitchen, and maintenance are all always upbeat and helpful! I feel very lucky that Alpine Terrace was available for my parents!Many of my parents visitors, including friends and family , have commented on how clean the facility is with such friendly and caring staff!!Thank you Alpine Terrace for creating a positive, friendly and safe environment for my loved ones!
Teena Franks

I like the facility and the staff very much. The staff treated me like I was special. Great service!
Dalton Clopton

I checked my diabetic father who had a foot ulcer in for a month long Ive drip. Absolutely terrible service, the nurses didnt care to do their jobs, terribly under staffed, didnt even know how to change out his bandage, never gave him a shower, improperly feed him, and neglected him to the point where he now has been checked into the icu in terrible pain, if you care about your loved ones, do not send them here.
Shauna Smith

In reference to employment or placement at Alpine Terrace: DONT APPLY.... Or PUT your loved one here.BAD ORDEAL