6 reviews

Alexian Village of Tennessee

marker Signal Mountain, Tennessee


6 reviews
Melissa Thomas

This is the place to choose if you have a loved one with needs. They care and try real hard to treat them as if they were there own family!! Hats off to the C.N.A's here.
Melanie Hunt

I have been here for 3 years now. Staffing sometimes is an issue but the care our staff provides is most certainly an amazing one. And the facility is clean and the views are amazing.
Sam Mariti

My mother has been here for seven-plus years now, and if I had it to do over again, we would NOT let Mom move into Alexian. It used to be very good when the Alexian Brothers were running it, but since Ascension Living took it over, it is TERRIBLE. The food service is lacking, both in quality and service. Main dining room servers are always visiting with each other instead of giving the Residents and their guests attentive service. And down in the Town Square it is even worse! It takes 30-45 minutes to get your order, and that's when it's not busy. Servers down there always seem to be chatting in the kitchen instead of serving. And I mean ALWAYS. When Mom first went in, there was only a buffet once a week for the main meal on Sunday. Now they do buffet service at the drop of a hat. And when seniors might have some mobility limitations, buffet service is not very convenient. Management says a server will help a resident navigate the long buffet table, but older people are proud, and often do not want to inconvenience or impose on anyone, so they struggle. Deep cleaning the kitchen? Have a buffet! Having a bake sale downstairs? Have a buffet! Expecting company to come tour the facility? Have a buffet! One reason Mom went in here was because they always had table service. Now that is no longer true, and the Residents suffer from that. Having been to several buffet lunches, I can tell you that the quality is also lacking. Empty platters slow to be refilled, food that is not at all hot, serving utensils that should be changed out and washed regularly are not, spills on the table not cleaned up, and I could go on. So food service, which is often the high point of an elderly person's day, is absolutely, totally lacking in both dining venues. Alexian's obsession with buffet service food is reason enough to find another venue for your loved one. For the prices charged to live at Alexian, this should be a more high-end facility with high-quality service. Constant buffets in lieu of more personal table service meals scream corner-cutting and low-end quality service.Having lived in Independent Living for many years, my mother has had occasion to need to have a stay in the Healthcare Department (skilled nursing) and also Assisted Living. Over the course of a 3-week stay in Healthcare, we found the nursing staff to be at times surly, unhelpful, unresponsive, and overall just offering sloppy care, for the most part. One nurse was CONSTANTLY on her phone. There were some nurses who were good, great even, but that was not the norm. And either my wife or I visited almost every day, so our observations were plentiful.As for a short stay in Assisted Living, this is the ONLY place that Alexian shines. Nursing care much better than average. But again, as far as food service goes, we found the meals offered to Residents in Assisted always barely lukewarm. In the many meals either or both of us had there with my mom, we cannot remember one that was served hot.In closing, Alexian offers all the same services everyone else does like medical transportation, shopping transportation, recreational trips, etc., but for services rendered on an every-day basis, this Retirement Village is sorely lacking. Also, good luck ever getting someone on the phone. It doesn't matter if I was calling admissions, management, healthcare, rehab, dining service, etc., NO ONE ever answers the phone! It seems like all administrative staff leave at 3 pm every day, because no call made after 4 pm (when I have time in my workday to make calls) will result in speaking to someone because they have all gone home already. This truly is one very poorly run facility. Employees parking in the few spots close to the entrance to Assisted Living instead of leaving those spots for visitors, bus drivers who are on their cell phones with personal calls while driving up and down a winding mountain road. You have the safety of my mother in your hands! Get off the darn phone! Norecommended.. it.
Cort Hlavka

good place
Daniel Kiah

Great place with helpful staff who actually care about residents.