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Alexander Guest House

marker Oak Ridge, Tennessee


12 reviews
This EMT Girl

Mike McConnell

I called this nursing home off of theIt number on their web page for memory in my search for the right facility. BEWARE! You will get a call center, then they transfer you to THESE GUYS: A PLACE FOR MOM. Do yourself a favor, RUN! Then scream like a girl. I was under the assumption that I was talking to somebody that is on staff at this nursing home. The call center appears to have a deceptive best practices & this can be confusing. Get ready for the endless phone calls from nursing homes from here to Timbuktu. Dont be surprised if you have been scheduled with several tours with several nursing homes without your knowledge. The person doing this to you? The call center rep from A Place For Mom. I bet the call center reps are most likely commissioned & if your loved one becomes a resident in one of these places, they get a cut.
Amber Toliver

The assisted living facility is amazing, everyone is treated so well and maintain they are served 3 full meals a day, and they have the options to have their own snacks and their own food in their rooms. Everyone there is really friendly, the place is tidy and clean housekeeping does a really good job keeping it smelling nice. They have activities with the residents and music all sorts of daily activities to keep them busy and are enjoyable. Residents go to the salon every week to get there hair and beauty done. Staff do okay at working as a team to make sure everyone is happy and took care of to the best of their abilities. I wouldn't recommend any other assisted living facility for your 'person' other than Alexander Guest House, in my experience was one of the best places I've been to.
Celia Simon

My husband spent his last 3 months in the Guest House memory care unit. He was very well cared for and was more mentally at peace than he had been the previous 9 months at another Alzheimer's care facility with too many patients. The Guest House is small and allows the caring staff to give individual attention. Thanks to all of you!
Amy Wise

What an amazing unique way to repurpose a building. Along with the beautiful building, the community provides wonderful care, and amazing activity program, and hires staff that have the love and compassion to provide the best care offered for your loved one.