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15 reviews
Hannah Gloden

Worked here for about 5 months. The CNA class was wonderful! The reason for the low score, I was intimidated by two other CNAs on the night shift. I really wanted off for my 18th birthday, (I worked third shift so I slept all day and then went in at night. No time to spend with family and friends on a big birthday.) one CNA told me that I wont be getting off since she wanted off that day and she had superiority. I watched her and one other one continuously turn off call lights, talk bad about residents, about other staff, and constantly taunt myself and one of the newer CNAs. It was almost like that behavior was acceptable, so I left.
Vennie Hanes

My father was brought to Adams Place for rehabilitation after being in the hospital. My fathers health took a turn for the worse and we had to call in the family. I can not express the kindness, professionalism, well skilled and just all around wonderful staff they have. Someone wanted me to call in Hospice but my response was I dont need Hospice I have the wonderful staff at Adams Place! They even brought in food so we didnt have to leave my father. I will be forever grateful to Adams Place!May God bless you all!ThanksVennie Hanes
Edwin Hathaway

I work as a locksmith at all of the buildings at Adams Place. I have been so impressed with this operation. The staff are not just professional but they sincerely care about the residents. In all my interaction with them no one has spoken or acted in anything but respectful ways towards the residents. I have observed various staff turn things inside out to satisfy a resident. From the independent living to the Alzheimer's building these folks in my opinion are the best. Adams Place is a lovely place and you or your loved one will be happy here.
Adrienne Kelly

Gem girl

The best nursing and Care staff you will find. Love this staff!